Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by. We are Abe (right) and Isaac (left) - and we are the couple behind The Fort Co. Photography. We have been together for 4.5 yearsr and are madly, madly in love with each other, life and all things cozy and warm. 


We met online while living in different states and knew right away that our connection was a thing worth investing in. So, we packed our bags and relocated to California together (after 4 months of knowing each other!) and started our lives together. We have traveled the world together and love exploring new places together, camera in hand. We have a rad group of humans in our lives and are all about deep human connection and living our most authentic life.


Abe is the primary photographer during photoshoots and Isaac is the second shooter, capturing all of the amazing in-between-moments. We love working with couples who are open to having a great time, don't take themselves too seriously, who love love and life, and are kind.


We wake up every morning with the joy and knowledge that love and the essence of life is a gift and we live life accordingly - with adventure and hope and laughter and dancing and connection. We are excited to meet humans who are living their best lives! <3 



top photo by our lovely friends at cedar & pines. <3